Chain Link Fencing System

A chain link fencing system is one of the most common fencing systems available. It is versatile and simple that can be installed for any use. It is applicable in public, residential, or industrial areas. It is also sturdy and is durable. It is protected by heavy duty galvanizing with optional polymer coatings depending on what is needed.  Its design, interwoven steel wire following a diamond pattern, is one of the reasons why this type of fencing system is sturdy and flexible at the same time. Some benefits of choosing a chain link fence is its cost-efficiency as it is one of the most affordable fencing options. Another benefit of a chain link fence is its transparency as it provides unobstructed view of the area it covers while providing security. Lastly, it is also a fencing system that is low on maintenance due to its coatings that prevents the accumulation of rust.

With different add on and topping options, chain link fencing system can be used for low / medium and high security requirements.

Applicable Standards

  • Galvanizing as per BS EN 1461
  • Powder coating as per BS EN 13438
  • PVC coating as per BS EN 10245-2