Temporary Fence System

Temporary fencing is used depending on the purpose it holds. What makes temporary fencing more convenient than permanent fencing is that it is easier and way simpler to assembly and install. Like its name suggests, it is only used for a temporary amount of time. Although only being used for a short-term usage, temporary fencing should uphold its portability, flexibility, and durability.

Temporary fences are self-supporting fence panels that are held and interlocked together. It is a commonly used in crowd control in crucial areas such as public demonstrations or concerts and live events.

The idea of a temporary fencing system is to provide security and safety for a certain amount of time only, it should not be used as an alternative for a permanent fencing. The security it provides becomes useless if it will be used for a long-term use. What makes it convenient, however, is that it can be used repeatedly while remaining intact.


  • Welded Mesh Temporary Fence
  • Corrugated Sheet Temporary Fence