Welded Mesh Fencing System in Canada

A welded mesh fence is a variation of a steel fence wherein the wire strands are electrically welded together to create a high strength mesh. It is a popular type of fencing system across the Middle East, United Kingdom, European countries, and Australia. This type of fencing system provides a clear visibility without compensating its provision of security. Galvanized steel used for a welded mesh fence can withstand the accumulation of rust for a long period of time and finishing coatings can add to the fence system’s longevity.

Different aperture sizes make the Welded Mesh Fence System usable for a wide range of applications. They can also be made as climb proof (Anti – climb) wherein it can prevent people from climbing due to its configuration and set-up. The shape of the mesh also hinders cutting tools to easily cut it, ensuring a cut-proof system (Anti – cut). Its welding also contributes to its properties giving additional strength to the mesh providing a sturdy structure that can withstand a high-impact momentum before breaking. It can also be modular that is it can eliminate the hassle of actually welding the fencing system within the site of interest.

A welded mesh can be used in different industrial purposes. It can be used for fencing public buildings, private offices, residential perimeters, recreational places, airport, prison, industrial facilities, hospitals, military zones, schools, country borders, parks, zoos, or even nature reserves. This type of fencing system has high strength, high rigidity, and does not deform easily. Depending on its purpose, a welded mesh fence should be given consideration in terms of its sizes, mesh configuration, different gauges, and its finishing or coating.  With these considerations in mind, it can help you gauge its longevity and maintenance which in the long run can give you the most cost-efficient fencing system you need. Whatever welded mesh you need, trust that Ambitions Metal Products LLC is the right company that can cater to your specific fencing system needs.

With different add on options the Welded Mesh Fence system has a wide range of applications for sports fencing, medium / high security requirements.

Applicable Standards

  • Galvanizing as per BS EN 1461
  • Powder coating as per BS EN 13438
  • PVC coating as per BS EN 10245-2